The Villa

Villa Vicenca is a tourist facility that operates since 2011. Once deserted, it was in a very bad condition for about thirty years until today's owners took over reconstruction work and renovated the house. The reconstruction started in 2006. The reason why the restoration and reconstruction took years was the poor preliminary condition and demanding conservatory proceedings. The result is completely renovated villa as it used to look like 200 years ago when it was first built.


The two-floor, 170 m² large villa is located on a lot of 3 300 m², remote from the rest of the houses in the settlement. There are three double bedrooms in the villa, suited for six people with the possibility of accommodating an additional two people on spare beds. There is a big bathroom with the toilet, decorated in a combination of retrocession and modern style, on the first floor, as well as a hallway that leads to the terrace with a cistern from where you have a fascinating scenic view on the sea.


There is a kitchen on the ground floor that reminds of the ones where antique dishes of our ancestors were made. If you are one of those who like an active vacation, in there you can make fish specialties and other delicious dishes. You can also taste jam, made of figs ripe on the estate, as well as extra virgin olive oil of the local olive growers.

Relaxation and recreation

Except for the magic for your palate, you can relax in a spacious dining room and a living room where you can find a large LCD screen and a romantic fireplace. Like the bathrrom on the first floor, there is also one on the ground floor, where you can relax after a swim in a 50 m2 pool. Children will find pleasure, joy and play on the playground with a swing and a seesaw which are situated near the pool. The whole villa has an air-conditioning system which can be used during off-season since it has floor heating and a wood fireplace that provides a special stay atmosphere in the villa during both summer and winter.