The largest Adriatic island, the island of Krk, is the closest island  to the central and western European countries whose location makes it especially interesting tourist destination. It is connected with the 1.5 km bridge of Krk, which unlike many other islands, makes it accessible in any time of the day. There is an airport on the island which offers seasonal flights from few western European and Scandinavian cities. The island takes about 410 km2 and it has almost 18 000 habitants. It is interesting that the island of Krk is larger than Malta, but it has about 20 times less residents. Throughout history, the island belonged to Republic of Venice, Napoleon's France, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and finally to the Republic of Croatia since its establishment in 1991. 

There are 70 living settlements on the island, one of them being Strilčići. Strilčići is a poorly inhabitated village of about ten houses on the western part of the island, about 4 km from the sea. The nearest larger locality is Malinska 4 km away, while there are 8 km to the island centre, the town of Krk. You can reach Strilčići by driving on the main road of Krk across the bridge of Krk from which it is 17 km away. The same distance is to the Rijeka airport, which is on the island. 

The village is situated in picturesque countryside between forest, ordered olive groves and magnificent green meadows, on the altitude of 125 metres with a scenic view on the bay of Kvarner, the cities of Rijeka and Opatija, as well as Učka mountain. There is a network of marked paths used by cyclists and walkers, which provide an access to the sea and other settlements in the centre of the island.

How to find us

If you are coming to the island of Krk by car from the direction of Ljubljana or Zagreb, you can get to the bridge of Krk by motorway. After you pass the bridge, driving on the main road in the direction of Valbiska ferry dock after 17 km you will get to Strilčići. If you are coming by plane, you can use taxi or a rent-a-car from the Rijeka Airport to get to Villa Vicenca.